Fishing for Sales?

With Fishing and Sales season drawing near, here are a few things that salesmen and fishermen alike should hear.

It’s the trill of success and the agony of defeat. Hard work and collaboration. Insight and intuition. When you set out for a day of fishing or sales, a few things must be in mind before you set sail. Everyone has their eye on the prize and the bigger the prize, the harder the fight. Patience is a virtue. One cannot simply throw a line out there expecting a bite. Those people go home unhappy without catching even so much as a guppy! You must first strategize. Where are you going to fish for sales, and why? After you arrive in your chosen waters, patience and ingenuity must take place. Switching lures. Some fish are top water, and will bite quickly. The fish that are hungriest are the fish that you fry first, but more on that later.

Using different approaches based on time and place are very important when fishing for sales. Sometimes, you must wait and watch the bait, and others you have to troll past a few times. Gaining attention is the first step to the catch. You have to show the fish a reason why they need to bite. You need to know how fast to real, based on the reactions shown on the fly. You must have the proper equipment for the job. You must know your target catch and be prepared to answer when opportunity knocks. Sometimes you don’t get the answer you want. Sometimes, you have to catch a small fish, to get the big fish on the line. Once you do, you must give the fish what they need, and take what they offer. Work with the fish, not against it.

Once you real in that fish you must make sure they are given anything they need to remain on-board in a healthy environment. If that fish isn’t given the treatment deserved, they may go back into the sea and warn their fish friends. But if that fish is given what they bought in for, with some skill, any one fisherman can corral a school.

And always remember these words of wisdom: Be patient and calm – for no one can catch fish in anger. –Herbert Hoover

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