Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., ENSCO, Inc. provides Engineering, Science and Advanced Technology solutions for the Defense, Security, Transportation, Environment, Aerospace, and Intelligent Automation industries. Founded 32 years ago, ENSCO has built a strong customer base of industry and government organizations, supported by offices in the U.S. and Asia. ENSCO’s capabilities are broad, ranging from equipment that helps train travel safer to designing computer models that make NASA’s launches more successful. Innovative Systems Solutions is ENSCO’s largest division, representing nearly one‐half of the company’s business. The ISS division is known for the strength of its advanced information technology solutions, which it provides to customers such as Lockheed Martin, IBM and BAE Systems.


Relying on existing customers and word of mouth marketing, ENSCO and its ISS division primarily focused on its core competencies and did not develop a well organized sales and marketing operation. Without this operation, ENSCO could not expand beyond current business and enter new markets. The company realized that it required a change in order to elevate sales activities, particularly for the ISS division. They did not have a formal sales organization needed to target new customer and increase sales pipeline.

ENSCO needed to develop a more consistent stream of sales opportunities and capture major new accounts in order to significantly increase their sales pipeline and revenue. They needed to expand business into new markets in order to obtain higher quality sales opportunities and close more deals necessary for company sustainability. Without sales and business development resources, support focus, and bandwidth, ENSCO needed to develop higher quality sales opportunities and increase revenue and pipeline.


ENSCO partnered with VizQuest and employed their proprietary methodology, Pipeline PlusTM to effectively, efficiently, and rapidly build sales pipeline through the creation of Validated Sales Opportunities (VSO). A VSO is a confirmed prospective buyer, such as a key influencer or decision maker, who has the right situation, problem, or opportunity that a company’s solution addresses. They have serious intent to investigate a solution, and there is a defined action item for advancing the sale after the buyer has seen a sales presentation. VSOs create shorter sales cycles and better ROI on business development investments. Pipeline Plus, a comprehensive business development program accelerated revenue growth by creating a consistent, scalable flow of the highest quality sales opportunities; enabling ENSCO to be more productive to maximize yield on sales capacity. VizQuest executed their Revenue Factory Model to rapidly identify and engage target decision markers. They created multi‐touch‐point campaigns and leveraged their extensive referral network to develop opportunities and close sales for ENSCO’s solution.

VizQuest used a research‐based analysis of ENSCO’s broad market opportunity and developed thirteen potential strategic initiatives for boosting the company’s sales performance. Through further analysis and prioritization, VizQuest and ENSCO selected two of the initiatives for immediate implementation.

The first initiative was based on VizQuest’s identification of data management software and services as a new business for ENSCO. The opportunity was significant, given ENSCO’s experience in Advanced Information Technology and the market need for integrated solutions to help organizations derive maximum value from information assets. VizQuest identified the right pricing strategy, ideal potential customers, and the best way to reach them. They evaluated potential acquisition targets, based on its ROI analysis, and ultimately recommended the hiring of two key ENSCO executives that now work alongside the team. VizQuest identified several potential strategic technology partners and helped ENSCO establish an alliance with Fast Search & Transfer (FAST). This was done to leverage FAST’s real‐time search and filter technology solutions, an important part of ENSCO’s data management capability. Based on its existing knowledge of the pharmaceutical market and the particular need for access to reliable data rapidly, VizQuest recommended that ENSCO target this untapped market for the company’s data management solutions. The financial services and heavy manufacturing sectors were pursued for similar reasons.

This second initiative focused on retooling the company’s approach to the Avionics market, leveraging ENSCO’s proven capability. ENSCO possessed superior technology; however, its value was not clearly understood in that market.

Working with VizQuest, ENSCO’s messaging was recast to focus on the value and expertise that the company provides to advance the success of military and commercial aircraft. VizQuest’s multidimensional strategic initiatives created new opportunities for growth though increasing performance of ENSCO’s existing Avionics business. VizQuest created a steady stream of high quality sales opportunities for ENSCO, which allowed them to capture new accounts and increase their sales pipeline and revenue growth.


The program increased ENSCO’s sales pipeline and revenue by $32M. In 2‐years, VizQuest introduced ENSCO to several major accounts, including Pratt & Whitney, CAN Corp., Aerosonic Corporation, ITT Industries, and BAE Systems. VizQuest lead the creation of partnership between ENSCO and FAST. VizQuest created new opportunities for growth though increasing performance of ENSCO’s existing avionics business and entry into a new market for data management solutions. As a result, new sales opportunities have been identified in each market and the sales pipeline for its ISS division is increasing based on VizQuest’s development of VSOs. Based on current results, ENSCO has extended the duration of the existing relationship and is exploring opportunities where VizQuest can advance the progress of its other key divisions.

“VizQuest was better suited to help us enter a new market such as data management based and their knowledge of the sector and experience successfully pursuing new market opportunities.”
‐ Neil Fifield, Vice President of the Innovative Systems Solutions Division, ENSCO

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