Count your sales instead of sheep!

Developing the right routine in sales can be a lot like getting into the right sleeping routine. Consistency is key and if either is not executed properly it can result in a decline of productivity and overall happiness. How can one acquire a successful sales AND sleep routine?

As stated above, consistency is key! Get a schedule down. Follow up with interested pipeline consistently and never let your pipeline run dry. Timing is critical in terms of following up with prospects as soon as they express interest. Once you identify what works best it is important to implement that same strategy across the board. Consistency also comes into play in the land of sleeping. Getting to bed around the same time every night will allow your body to fall into a routine. This way you are most likely to feel rested and be able to take on the day!

Considering we are only human, there will come times where we fall out routine and things begin to slip. Realizing that this is happening before it’s too late is extremely vital. If you let yourself fall out of your sleep routine for too long, the consequences might not be pretty. You won’t be able to get as much done or worse, you might even get sick! When selling, you might find that you aren’t following up with your prospects in a timely manner and sales are slipping away before your very eyes. Take charge of your own destiny. Don’t let bad habits become your routine and keep you from meeting your goals!

Whether it is sales or sleep, a cycle is a cycle. It is important to be aware if your cycle is veering off course and get back into the groove before it’s too late! So rest up, sell more, and your minds and wallets will thank you for it.

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