Cold Emailing – Is it Over?

Average Day: 147 emails. 12 answered. 135 deleted.

As you can see, on average an alarming 92% of emails either go unanswered or get deleted. With typically very low success rates, you’re probably wondering why people even bother with emails as a way to sell their product – and if email blasts are even worth it. While it’s understandable to associate email marketing with spammers, it’s still a valuable internet marketing tool if done correctly. With small tweaks and changes to your typical cold email layout, your response rate can greatly increase.

Make sure your cold emails are opened, responded to, and ultimately stand out with these tips:

  • Have the Right Email – When sending a cold email, the first step in having success is knowing you have the right While that seems obvious, people have emails for many different purposes: work, personal, junk. Make sure you have the contacts corporate email to start with.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd – Its 2018. There’s no need to stick to the typical sans-serif fonts anymore. Default fonts like Calibri and Arial won’t catch your contacts attention in the hundreds of emails they receive a day. That being said, choose fonts that are professional, legible, and easy on the eye.
  • Keep it Short – Whether it is the subject line or the message, keep everything about your email short, brief, and to the point. No one has time to read long paragraphs. Seeing large amounts of text may keep them from reading the message.
  • Establish Credibility – It is vital to make sure your email doesn’t come off like spam. Immediately establish who you are, why you are worth their time, and your credentials. It is important to establish legitimacy to set yourself apart and give them a reason to keep reading.
  • Personalize Your MessageTailoring your message to the person who is receiving the email is one of the most important aspects in increasing your response rate. Even though it’s technically a cold email, by establishing a connection and including personal touches (their name, specifics about their company, etc.), people are much more willing to read your message and reply.
  • Be Persistent – One of the main reasons your cold emails don’t get a response is because your contacts are missing them! With email easily accessible on mobile devices, it is common to delete or move emails by accident. By sending a follow up email, it ensures messages don’t go unnoticed. It also shows you value this lead and think they would be a good fit for your product.


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