Cold Calling 101

In today’s society if you are in sales, it’s without question that cold calling is part of your daily routine. Given the fact you have less than ten seconds to capture the prospective client’s attention, it’s vital to know exactly who you are calling and how your product/service can potentially benefit their company.

A person is more prone to speak with you if they know that you spoke to one of their colleagues and was referred by them. Referrals can instantly turn that “cold” call into a “warm” call. “I just spoke to your colleague, John Smith, and he pointed me in your direction as the person to speak with about this.” The person on the other end will be more intrigued and open to hearing what you have to offer. It is also important to do some quick background research on the company prior to the call. This way you are able to better handle potential objections, understand where their needs lie, and explain how your product/service can help aid their problems.

Name dropping is a common technique that contributes to a successful sales conversation. “I’ve just increased sales at ABC Company last year by 42% and my company may have the ability to do the same for yours” is a statement that shows what your product/service has been able to accomplish with a similar company. A prospective client always wants to hear what you have done in the past with comparable companies and how you can help them the same way.

Lastly, lock down a date and time to follow up that works for both you and the prospect. This is vital when ending a cold call because having a date/time on the person’s calendar shows that you are persistent and are serious about reconnecting with them.

The goal should be to make each cold call a little warmer than the last. Your “warming up” technique might be to find common ground with your prospect or to display that you are educated on their company and current needs. The fact of the matter is if you are persistent, patient, and properly informed, you will be able to successfully sell your product and/or service to prospective clients.

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