Characteristics of a Good Boss

There are a few key aspects that managers should follow in order to get the most out of their employees. Many ask, what should managers do to generate the most successful work experiences and the happiest workers. As a manager, it is easy to forget that workers are distinct individuals with different abilities, work styles, and ambitions. It is essential that your interactions with them vary on their personality. Understand how they work. As a manager you should be free for individual conversations.

In the workplace, employees enjoy jobs that let them contribute and make a difference. It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure that individuals feel that they are contributing to the business. Managers cannot merely rely on bonuses, stocks, or commissions. Managers must inspire their workers with a set of challenging goals and propel their confidence so they can succeed. Create a high but reachable expectation and illustrate your trust in your team.

Another important aspect of being a good manager is giving constructive feedback. A 2014 survey of managers in the U.S found that only 3 percent gave ongoing feedback to their employees. Many managers merely give their employees a yearly performance review. Many managers skimp on developmental criticism and mainly discuss salaries and promotions, which ultimately prevents the employee from receiving the criticism they need to succeed. In order to maximize the development of employees, a good manager will engage in one on one meeting’s with employees nearly once a week. Good managers give clear cut and constructive criticism that promotes sovereignty and integrity.

Countless managers endorse their own ideas too strongly, whereas the best leaders spend more time listening to others ideas. When a successful manager has a question or problem in front of him, he asks his team to generate answers and solutions. As a manager it is essential to be consistent to employees. It’s nearly impossible fort workers to get ahead or be productive when expectations are always being changed. Thus, by having a consistent management style, expectations will be easier to reach and exceed.

Not every boss is well liked by their employees. However, managers that follow these key principles will find that they will help improve efficiency and productivity on any team. Make sure that as manager you carefully take notice to your employees as individuals. Take the extra time to build employees understanding of their duties; this will instill confidence which leads to efficiency.

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