Calling all Social Media Socialites!

“Social networking allows any company the opportunity to broadcast a consistent stream of free marketing and PR to potential customers.  It is essential for companies to evolve along with social media.  By taking advantage of new technologies, organizations can cultivate a pipeline that was once a proverbial phantom, while touching new customers, new to your product or service”

If you are a business owner whose company is not using social media already, you may have read the first paragraph quote while rolling your eyes. You may have skimmed articles highlighting the benefits of social media, but remain unconvinced that social media will help your company and don’t know where to start with it. Maybe you feel hesitant because the options and roads to go down with social media are overwhelming. It’s easy to rule something out as uncessecary when you don’t fully understand it. Whether your company is on the fence about joining social networks or completely hesitant, here are a few points to consider while exploring the idea to join in.


Research and become correctly informed

 Have you ever asked someone why they aren’t doing something, and their only response is “Well…just because”. You may not have all your facts straight when assuming social media is fruitless. Research a ton. Find out exactly why social media will or will not help before you decide. Social media has just recently been introduced in formal education. This means that any business in the past 10 years that has a beneficial social media strategy is completely self-taught. You may also think that social media is for younger generations and a far advanced concept, but your 16-year old who sits on Facebook and Twitter is not using them to run a Fortune 500 firm’s social media strategy. Someone just like you is.


Find out what works for your industry

You may think that your industry is not relevant to social media, but have you checked up on your competitors? Odds are their company is using some form of social media. You may also think social media strategies must be the same for each business if they have worked. This is untrue, as each company has a strategy based on what works for them. Some may use Twitter and Facebook to direct traffic to their blog. Others may be using Pinterest to share images of their products. Certain social networks cater to certain markets. Be sure to only implement those that will work for your company.


 If you are overwhelmed, don’t be

Everything you need to know about social media is simply on the internet. I would be mistaken if I said that anyone holds a diploma in social media from a university. There are dozens upon dozens of useful resources that can help your company implement social media. Websites like and The Hubspot Blog are excellent tools to help your company succeed. They have simple articles written by social media experts that explain the bread and butter of social media for business.


Don’t get left out

Be open-minded. Even if you think social media is not right for your business, you should at least consider it.  If you think you don’t have the time to invest in social media, think again. Spending just 10 minutes a day maintaining a social media presence can be beneficial for your company. The customers that you don’t think are on social media could decide to open up Twitter accounts the next day and follow your competitor’s company updates. Putting your brand on social networks can have returns in itself. A potential client could see that your company is not on social media and turn away simply because they know that most big companies are.


Early adopters win. Don’t be left behind! Consider social media for your business.

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