Business in Japan Introduction

Here at VizQuest, we recognize and value the opportunities of overseas partnerships. They are a great way to expand your market reach and shelter you against national fluctuations.  Specifically, we have been focusing on Japan thanks to Japan’s attractive market conditions.

So why should you look to Japan for business opportunities? Well, we chose to partner with Asia’s #1 island because of Japan’s full of limitless opportunities in an eager and wealthy business market.

You may have heard claims that establishing a business relationship Japan is difficult, but it only has to be that way if you go it alone.  Granted, Japanese business etiquette is different from ours, but establishing a partnership and expanding can be easy if you know how the intricacies and drivers of the Japanese company and consumer. VizQuest is an express bridge between Japan and U.S. for business opportunities; We simplified the international business partnership process to deliver American opportunities to Japan, as well as Japanese opportunities to the US.

So how do we do it? Well, we’re lucky to have found representatives that have extensively worked with the Japanese market. Our International Sales Manager is a native of Japan, while our Marketing Manager has lived and worked in Japan for 8 years, bringing his expertise and insight to our shores. We understand that not every company has these luxuries, but lucky for you, April’s blog theme revolves around Japan and Japan’s business market.

Throughout April, we’ll give insights as to why Japanese businesses undergo a different process from ours; why some processes are slower and/or faster than their American counterparts. From the expertise we have on staff, we’ll be able to accurately tell you what to expect, on a micro and macro level, when conducting business with Japan. Lastly, we will elaborate on some of the best aspects of establishing an international partnership, and find a new appreciation for Japan and its culture.

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