Building a Passionate Company

Managers and CEO’s have started to comprehend that in order to create a successful business; companies need a goal that exceeds the conventional bottom line. The best talent is attracted to companies that offer an interesting challenge or goal. However, this challenge isn’t enough. The companies that get the most effective employees are those that are passionate about their mission. Individuals want to be passionate about their jobs and want to be around people who have a similar feeling about their work. Thus, the foundation of a successful company is a passionate workforce.

A challenge that frequently presents itself to managers is that there is no established theory to measure or develop the level of passion in employees. At VizQuest, a passionate employee is someone who pays attention to ins and outs of the company’s strategies and methods, an individual that is involved and constructively questions what they are doing to better the company. These individuals don’t act this way because they were instructed to do so; they do it because they want to. When a workforce is passionate towards their mission and is engaged in the in the process, they will have a high morale. However, if the workforce has a low morale, a manager’s focus should be to create engagement. By trying to make workers happy you are handling the symptoms, not the cause. Allow you workers the independence to do the work that satisfies them. Later see what happens when they put energy into their work.

Most companies have a mission statement but don’t necessarily follow it. Their mission statements sound nice, but lack the ability to motivate their employees. By making the connection between passion and mission, one can truly make their business more successful. All companies have the ability to significantly impact a specific field of business. The role of a CEO or manager is to grow passion around an established mission statement. By reinforcing the importance of following a mission statement, a manager is able to focus the passion of a workforce and turn it into success. However, not everyone in a workforce can be as passionate as a manager and that’s alright. While this may sound unreasonable, establishing the kind of office environment that workers enjoy means you can’t satisfy everyone’s desires.

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