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Banta Corporation is a technology and market leader in printing and supply‐chain management services. Its integrated approach provides a comprehensive combination of printing, binding, and digital imaging solutions to leading publishers and direct marketers. Banta excels at helping customers find unique solutions to the complex challenges of getting their products and communications to market. Banta focuses on five printing services segments: books, special‐ interest magazines, catalogs, direct marketing and literature management. Banta’s global supply‐chain management business provides a wide range of outsourcing capabilities to some of the world’s largest companies.


Banta’s goal was to generate revenue in digital printing and fulfillment by closing deals with Fortune 1000 companies that required this solution. Their current sales organization lacked the resources and bandwidth that were necessary to deliver these opportunities. Historically, Banta was perceived as a traditional publishing and printing company. They wanted to begin offering real time publishing solutions for digital content to major new accounts and be perceived as a true one‐to‐one marketing organization.

This required a completely new business development campaign and a new defined value proposition, in order to highlight Banta’s value. They wanted to evolve their marketing message to gain visibility and break through the “noise” of the competition, as they were competing in a much commoditized market. Banta needed to develop a consistent stream of high quality opportunities within these new target markets, in order to improve the productivity of their under‐performing sales team and generate a steady stream of opportunities for increased sales pipeline.


Banta turned to VizQuest to lead a successful campaign that would fulfill these objectives. VizQuest implemented their proprietary methodology, Pipeline PlusTM to effectively, efficiently, and rapidly build Banta’s sales pipeline through the creation of Validated Sales Opportunities (VSO). A VSO is a confirmed prospective buyer, such as a key influencer or decision maker, who has the right situation, problem, or opportunity that a company’s solution addresses. They have serious intent to investigate a solution, and there is a defined action item for advancing the sale after the buyer has seen a sales presentation. VSOs create shorter sales cycles and better ROI on business development investments. Pipeline Plus, a comprehensive business development program accelerated revenue growth by creating a consistent, scalable flow of the highest quality sales opportunities; enabling Banta’s Sales team to be more productive to maximize yield on sales capacity. VizQuest executed their Revenue Factory Model to rapidly identify and engage target decision markers. They created multi‐touch‐point campaigns and leveraged their extensive referral network to develop opportunities and close sales for Banta’s solution.

Working closely alongside the Banta Literature Management Group, VizQuest restructured Banta’s current service offering, which included a completely new value proposition and a repositioned angle. VizQuest created and led a strategic, process‐based business development campaign that focused on aggressively penetrating the market and engaging with Fortune 1000 companies with a need for digital printing fulfillment. They targeted key players in major accounts with these needs, in order to deliver the highest quality opportunities for Banta’s sales team to capitalize on. The steady streams of opportunities established Banta’s presence in the market and lead to increased sales pipeline.


VizQuest produced $5.6M in pipeline and $2.25M in revenue in 12‐months. Notable new accounts include The Talbot’s, Inc., Famous Footwear, Panera Bread, La‐Z‐Boy, and Canadian Tire. VizQuest worked with Banta to define the right market and a “packaged offering” to provide print and content management services to businesses. After the campaign, Banta was acquired by RR Donnelley, which saw its new heightened value as a digital printing and fulfillment provider.

“We expected VizQuest to be able to help us bring the message to market, but did not anticipate the additional value they brought in terms of compelling, concise messaging. We were so impressed with the materials that VizQuest created, they have become core to our overall positioning and market messaging”
–Jennifer Springer, Marketing Director, Banta

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