What is a VSO?

A validated sales opportunity (VSO) is what every Sales Rep desires in order to transform sales productivity.

A VSO is defined by the following:

  1. The right type of company
  2. The right Executive (key influencer, decision maker, economic buyer, CXO)
  3. Has the right situation, problem, opportunity that your solution addresses
  4. Organization has serious intent to investigate your solution
  5. Have participated in a sales presentation for your solution
  6. There is a defined action item for advancing the sale after the presentation

30-50% of VSOs will convert to closed deals; compared to the 1-3% conversion rate of a traditional “lead” or “qualified opportunity”.

VSOs will produce:

  1. Increased sales efficiency and productivity
  2. Better ROI on business development investment
  3. Increased yield on sales capacity
  4. Shorter sales cycles

To understand the true value of a VSO, please refer to our “Value of a VSO” whitepaper.

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