VizQuest‘s ‘Revenue-Factory’ transforms sales performance, delivering greater results in less time and at a lower cost than traditional sales models. This results in maximum ROI on business development investments.

Revenue Factory Diagram

‘Revenue-Factory’ proven success is a result of its integrated system of business development assets, including the following:

1. Advanced Sales and Business Development Team – Our sales and business development teams are fully aligned and focused on developing your pipeline and increasing revenue production.

2. Best-in-Class Sales Tools – We leverage Senior Executives and decision makers to engage with your unique value proposition and solutions. Our sales and business development tools include:

  • Compelling sales presentations
  • In-depth surveys and research determining needs and requirements of prospects
  • Strategic selling frameworks that effectively engage Senior Executives
  • Compelling Proposals that win

3. Proven Sales Methodology and Equipped Employees – VizQuest’s own sales methodology utilizes the best elements of SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, Value Stream Mapping, and Principle Negotiation in combination with the experience of managing over 400 sales campaigns. 

4. Professional Referral Network –VizQuest has a network of over 1.3M Senior Executives that can be utilized to generate referrals for your solution into target accounts.

5. LEAN and 6-Sigma Performance – Our ‘Revenue-Factory’ framework applies LEAN and 6-Sigma principles across entire sales processes to produce optimized results. These results include new revenue, increased profit, and customer acquisition.

6. Sales Effectiveness Framework – We focus on target-rich customer segments aligned with your unique value proposition to ensure efficient, effective, and rapid results. 

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