About Us


VizQuest Ventures is a sales and business development organization 100% focused on new customer acquisition and revenue generation. We work with companies that want to generate new revenues, grow faster, launch new products, break into new markets, acquire new customers and capture major accounts. With over 16 years of experience working with F500 companies to startups, VizQuest Ventures has delivered $2.9B in pipeline and revenue with the most efficient and effective sales model and organization in the industry: The Revenue Factory.


1. New Revenue and Customer Acquisition: rapidly grow your business utilizing our Revenue Factory sales model and proven sales team
          • Delivered over $2.9B in new pipeline and revenues for over 450 companies
          • Sold or created new sales opportunities into more than 10,000 companies.

2. Revenue Growth: shorten new customer sales cycles and increase sales transaction values for exponential revenue growth
          • Increase new revenue growth by an average of 40%

3. Sales Team Productivity: produce Validated Sales Opportunities (VSO)
          • VSO’s result in deals at a 30-50% conversion rate, compared to a 1-3% conversion rate of a lead
          • Increase average sales rep productivity by 33%
          • Produce sales results within 4-weeks from hiring VizQuest

4. Major Account Capture: leverage our Major Account Action Plan (MAAP), F500 Executive network, and team of qualified sales executives to capture major accounts for your company
          • VizQuest has captured over 92% of the F1000 companies on behalf of its clients

5. Guaranteed Results for New Products or Services: VizQuest will guarantee results on every program; eliminating risk and ensuring an ROI


  • Minimize Risk: eliminate the risk of launching new products, ensure all sales and revenue targets are surpassed, avoid under-performing sales team
  • Accelerate Growth: produce rapid sales results; a massive increase in new pipeline, revenues and new customer acquisition
  • Improve Productivity of an Under-performing Sales Team or Channel: implement efficient, effective strategies that rapidly optimize sales efforts
  • Maximize the Yield on your Sales Capacity: outperform your goals, objectives and KPIs consistently with our Best-in-Class Performance
  • Increase Your Company Valuation: prove scalability of business by rapidly scaling new customer acquisition and revenue streams » see our Success Stories


We work with companies ranging from F500 to raw startups, which have given us the exposure and expertise to rapidly generate revenue and new customers on your behalf. The common denominator of our client base is a desire to grow efficiently, effectively and rapidly. We have delivered impressive results for 450+ Clients from a variety of industries, including:

  • Software– We delivered results for startups and established companies within PLM, ERP, E-Commerce, Energy, AI and many more. 
  • Hardware– We brought innovative new products to the market and “crossed the chasm” for Motorola, EZHi and others.
  • Medical Devices – We worked with companies looking to launch new products in the medical industry including Johnson & Johnson and Creganna.
  • Manufacturing– We led the growth of several contract manufacturing companies, such as: LAI and Rich Tool & Die
  • Corporate Services– We helped Corporate Services companies, such as Consulting, IT Services, and outsourced operations, increase revenue and expand pipeline, examples: SunGard, Wolters Kluwer and RWD.

VizQuest is 100% dedicated to delivering your desired results through producing net new revenue, customers, and market share for your company. We work with you to configure our Revenue Factory sales model to deliver the results you need. To learn more about our programs and the Revenue Factory model, check out our Resources.

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