8 Tips on How to Capture Major Accounts

Ideally many companies in the B2B want to capture major accounts. There are many motivating reasons that differ among companies, some strive to increase their revenue while others’ main goal is to make their brand more reputable if they work with a well-known company. Companies are constantly seeking this new type of clientele of major accounts to expand their business. Capturing their business does not just require a larger net, but rather a different set of tools.
Although it may seem logical that one must just work improve their skills and work faster and better than they have in the past when selling to smaller accounts. As many people are going after these larger companies, major account executives and employees are constantly overwhelmed with new products, new software and new business opportunities, so it is important to stand out. Major account salespeople have to use a different skill set which starts off with crafting a sales strategy. Here are a couple of tips to help close new deals and grow existing business.

• Set pivotal goals in order to stay focused. Then determine the exact steps that need to be taken, and then execute.
• Leverage institutional resources because major account selling requires a team effort.
• Networking is a huge part of the business world and should never be overlooked. Know peoples’ roles within in company, and get in contact with the right people (c-suite executives) in hopes of having the highest chance of making a sale.
• Explicitly demonstrate measurable benefits. Closing a larger account deal is harder and will require a strong business case to ensure that doing business with you will have a high return on investment (ROI) for them.
• Stay on top of the customer’s needs. Be attentive to your customer’s needs, challenges, and concerns throughout the completion of the deal, never let them think you forgot about them.
• Do your research. Figure out who your competition is and differentiate from them by adding value.
• Document your success stories to improve credibility and so everyone knows about the success you have achieved.
• Never be complacent.

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