8 Sales Tips for Rookie Salespeople

Don’t fear failure

People who are afraid don’t act, and if you don’t act, you have no chance of closing a deal. You have to overcome the fear of failure before it develops into something even worse. If you don’t act, you won’t be able to grow your skills to become the best sales rep and understand which techniques do and don’t work for you. Overcoming this fear will help you develop through learning from your successes as well as your failures.

Be prepared and prepare some more

While you may be eager to get out there and start talking to prospects, it is always important to be prepared. Before you get in front of a prospect, you have to make sure you are ready. This means becoming a complete product and/or service expert on what you are trying to sell as well as understanding how you are going to deliver the sales presentation. Through simple activities such as drafting a cold calling script and doing pre-call research, you will be more prepared and confident in your performance than before.

Build a network

Ensuring you have a strong network with reliable contacts will help you go far. Building your network will yield a wide range of benefits, from getting warm leads to being given the inside scoop on a tough prospect. Building your network is a timely process that will require you nourish your relationships. You want to build genuine relationships so you want to make sure you focus on proving yourself to your contacts and not trying to get things from them.

Find needs and fill them

When you begin selling, you want to understand that prospects are not sitting around waiting for you to call and sell something to them. They are most likely busy trying to solve their own problems themselves. It is your job, through your cold call or email to show how your solution can help solve the problem that has been bothering them.

Analyze your sales approach from your customer’s shoes

After you have had a little more experience, it is important that you reflect on your selling strategy and techniques. One good approach would be to analyze your sales approach from your prospect’s perspective. If your selling strategy has or has not been working, you want to make sure you can pinpoint the areas that need improvement and the areas you should continue utilizing.

Ask a lot of questions

Ask the questions you want to be answered, especially the ones for which your prospect is reluctant to provide information. Get the answers you’re looking for even if they put your deal in peril. If you don’t ask all of the requisite questions, it may come back around to haunt you later. This can be very detrimental to your rapport, credibility and trust so don’t be reluctant to ask all the questions you need to close the sale smoothly.

Set your own goals

Similar to reflecting your performance, you should also set goals for yourself. While your manager may already be establishing quotas for you every month, you still have ample room to set career development or revenue goals for yourself as well. Setting goals will help you develop a drive in yourself to constantly do better and it will help your career and expertise in the long run, so get started!

Keep trying new things

Sales is a career which requires you to constantly evolve and learn over time. While it can be tough for a salesperson to continuously try different things, it will be even worse when you can’t close deals because you are attached to a single channel or presentation style as a source of security. Like the first tip, don’t be afraid. It is crucial to keep on learning and exploring and trying new techniques.

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