2016 B2B Sales Trends

One of the most difficult yet critically important parts about working in sales is identifying and adapting to emerging trends. Especially during this technological revolution that we are living in, the best practices of yesterday can change altogether tomorrow. So what are the trends we should be on the lookout for in 2016?

1. Data-Driven Decisions
Slowly but surely, businesses are now using data to make educated decisions about their sales process. Companies are no longer making gut decisions, for they realize the benefit of making data calculated decisions. Sales and marketing groups will be leveraging their analytics to make more robust decisions.

2. Importance of Content for Sales

What makes the best content marketers stand out from the rest is that they are 81% more adept at matching the right content to the right buyers throughout the sales process. The marketers with buyer supported content enjoy twice the revenue credited to their content advertising efforts. Buyer supported content promoters attain nearly 60 percent lower average cost per lead than the best in class by focusing on the moments and marketing opportunities that are essential to buyers.

3. Foretelling Sales Development

The Wall Street Journal suggests that the combination of predictive intelligence and automation promises to bring the world of sales into a new era of data-focused efficiency. The best sales organizations are over 30 percent more likely to implement sales analytic solutions. Analytical data enables sales teams to report on more accurate sales forecasts.

4. Aligning Sales and Marketing through Social Selling
Under 10% of B2B companies say they have tight alignment between sales and marketing. This means that over 90% of businesses have a disconnect between their sales and marketing teams. This is poses a major problem for businesses because if their sales and marketing efforts are out of sync, the company will be able to execute properly to meet their goals.

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