20 Essential Sales Tips

Here are 20 essential tips you need to be the best sales rep and close deals!

  1. Ask questions – Learn what your customers want, their pain points, and what solution they are looking for. By engaging with your customer, you can offer a personalized solution and build a relationship.
  2. Keep your pipeline full – Easier said than done, but never need the sale. Utilize these tips to make sure this doesn’t happen!
  3. Work smarter, not harder – Email blasts and cold calls can only be so effective. Research potential leads before calling or emailing, so you don’t waste your time calling people who don’t fit your buyer persona.
  4. Have a positive attitude – Sales isn’t easy and often requires a lot of grit. Don’t let your customers see you having a bad day.
  5. Be confident – Believe in yourself and be passionate about your product. Whether that’s through your words or body language, this will translate to the customer who will then be more confident in your solution. 
  6. Don’t oversell – Never promise more than what can be delivered. Sure you want to make your solution seem amazing, but don’t ruin your reputation doing so.
  7. …But look for opportunities to upsell! – If you see an opportunity for a second sale, go for it. Show how another one of your products works with the other, solves another pain point, or would be beneficial to your customer.  
  8. Create a connection – Having a connection or developed relationship with your prospect builds rapport, trust, and ultimately helps close deals.
  9. Listen to your customer Know what problems they need fixed, and tailor your pitch to show how your solution can solve this problem. Never prejudge a prospect and assume. Refer to tip #1 and ask questions.
  10. Show your personalityDon’t be robotic when selling the same pitch over and over again. Your customers, clients, or prospects want to feel like they’re having a conversation with you. Essentially, don’t talk at them, talk with them.
  11. Be resilient – Don’t let a bad experience or not meeting your quota affect your performance. The best sales reps thrive under this pressure instead of letting it get the best of them.
  12. Prepare – Know every detail of your product. This will help you prepare for any potential questions, generate credibility, and grow your reputation.
  13. Be personal – Before you connect with prospects, know their position, company, and any other information you can find. Send them personal emails, not just email blasts that will go on to be deleted as spam. . 
  14. Share success stories and case studies – Your prospects are more likely to believe great things about your product from clients, so get referrals to show how your solution works in the real-world.
  15. Be persistent – Ask your clients the best way to communicate or follow up without being too pushy. End your conversation with this step to move along in the selling process.
  16. Have goals – Set weekly and monthly goals to measure your performance. This way you will see if you’re improving and meeting quotas (with these tips you will!). 
  17. Make your value proposition known – This is so important. Explain to your prospects why your solution will fulfill a need or solve a problem they have. Don’t just describe the product. Solutions help prospects envision how it will help them in the real-world.
  18. Talk to the decision makers – In B2B, make sure you’re talking to the real-decision maker with the budget, authority, and power to buy your product.
  19. Be timely – Call when you say you’re going to call, be ready for video chats, and arrive for meetings early. Also, check your email and phone regularly for prospect’s questions or concerns. By responding fast, you will be seen as reliable.
  20. Know how to close the sale – You’ve done all this work preparing, talking, emailing, and explaining your solution. Don’t waste all your hard work by not preparing your close! Develop an effective strategy and course of action. 
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