10 Ways to Build Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Tips for increasing brand awareness through social media

With more B2B companies utilizing social media, it’s important to establish brand awareness through this platform. With millions of users using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, growing brand awareness through effective posts and content can result in great success for your company.

1. Know Your Target Audience – This is Marketing 101. Knowing who to follow, who’s interested in your product, and what content will attract clicks is critical.

2. Have Quality Content – By posting informative, useful, and interesting content to social media, your online audience will trust and respect you as a brand.

3. Have Interesting Content – You’ve established quality content, but having interesting content your audience wants to see just as important. Chances are your B2B content is nothing that hasn’t been said before, so instead of switching up the idea, change the method of delivery. Think about reading a long blog post versus watching an interactive video. One of these sounds a lot better than the other.

4. Include Visuals – Tying in with tip #3, utilize pictures and video to get the attention of your target audience. Always include pictures to posts as they get 39% more interaction and engagement.

5. Make Efforts Manageable – With your industry in mind, research which social media sites are the best to focus your time and energy on. Also, make sure your efforts are sustainable and consistent. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the top 3 for B2B.

6. Ask Questions – Posts with questions on social media sites get 100% more comments, especially starting with “should”, “would”, “which”, and “who”. Questions will lead to more engagement and shares from your audience.

7. Offer Free Demos – Offering free demos on social media sites often leads to likes and shares, building awareness and hopefully leading to sales later on. Also, it’s a great way to show off the value proposition of your product and how it can solve your customer’s needs.

8. Connect with Social Media Influencers – Gaining social reach can be a challenge when starting from scratch. Follow social media influencers and leaders in your industry to exchange content and form beneficial partnerships.

9. Like and Share Posts – Liking and sharing your audiences posts shows you find their content valuable. Don’t expect anything in return right away, but in time others will do the same for you. Once they do, your content will be exposed to a whole new audience resulting in new followers.

10. Track Everything – Measuring engagement is critical to see what efforts of yours are working and which are most effective. Tracking through Facebook Page Insights or Twitter Analytics helps to see what approaches work best and which aren’t as successful.

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