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Effectively, efficiently, and rapidly builds your sales pipeline.

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Develop a strategy to generate pipeline, revenue and profit for new or existing products or services.

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Major Account Capture

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Accelerate the adoption of your new products and services.

New Product Introduction

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sales speed

3 Powerful Ways to Increase Sales Speed

Speed is the third factor in the sales black box that we will write about.  Speed is the amount of time it takes to work through an input.  Think of it in terms of all of the processes that it takes to complete one sales action.  When making a call, a salesperson will research their…

lean agile six sigma

Processes that Increase Efficiency

Last week, we discussed how better data and inbound marketing can increase your team’s efficiency. However, we never explored ways to initiate and maintain efficiency itself. Without efficiency, the black box will take up too much of your valuable time before validating a sales opportunity. If you want the black box to generate the most…