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Better Pipeline

Effectively, efficiently, and rapidly builds your sales pipeline.

Pipeline Plus

New Revenue

Develop a strategy to generate pipeline, revenue and profit for new or existing products or services.

Contact to Closure

Major Account Capture

Identify, engage, and capture major new accounts for your business.

Major Account Capture

Successful Product Introduction

Accelerate the adoption of your new products and services.

New Product Introduction

What We Do

VizQuest Ventures is a sales and business development organization focused on new customer acquisition and revenue generation. With over 16 years of experience, VizQuest Ventures has delivered $2.9B in pipeline and revenue with the most efficient and effective sales model and organization in the industry: The Revenue Factory.

Results We Deliver

We work with companies that want to generate new revenues, grow faster, launch new products, break into new markets, acquire new customers, and capture major accounts

Who We Serve

We have delivered impressive results for 450+ Clients from F500 to startups and across a variety of industries, including: Software, Hardware, Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Corporate Services


From the Blog

5 Challenges with producing VSOs

In this previous post, I discussed the importance of validated sales opportunities (VSOs). Recall that a VSO is a target company that matches up with your company’s solution or offering. VSOs can help a company in a number of ways by increasing yield on sales capacity, saving time and resources, and increasing revenue. But unfortunately,…

close rates

Go-To-Market: Avoiding Partnership Pitfalls

This previous post discussed how go-to-market partnering can cultivate new customer and revenue growth. Partnerships can prove to be very beneficial to a company. However, when considering go‐to‐market partnerships, there are numerous challenges and pitfalls you should be aware of. Pitfalls to avoid: 1. Assuming your dominant customer value proposition is directly relevant to potential…

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